Opening Doors with Bonside

For brick-and-mortar businesses unlocking their next stage of growth, Bonside opens doors — literally, and figuratively.

At Bonside, we scale businesses in a measured manner, backed by accredited investors from your locality.

Rather than investing for a percentage of your business, we invest for a percentage of your sales (up until an agreed upon return is met).

In good company

Bonside is comprised of top-tier businesses who recognize the advantage of our investment structure and the power of a strong investor network.

Scaling with you

Think of us as an on / off switch. Once you’re in, continue to unlock larger tranches of capital and never give up equity for a buildout again.

Infinity and beyond

Bonside was built for businesses to think big – you keep opening doors, and we’ll work to equip you with the financial and operational lift it takes to win.

Join Us

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