How Bonside Underwrites Businesses

Our Industries

Our financing is tailored to businesses with repeatable revenue patterns, a track record of growth and healthy industry-level performance.

As a result, we target services-based bricks-and-mortar businesses, like the ones listed below.

Underwriting Approach

Our underwriting is rooted in 4 key pillars unique to the niche we target.

By exploring each of these pillars, we ensure the businesses we underwrite have rock-solid, repeatable fundamentals.

Measuring Upside

While most investment products underwrite growth, we preserve that as upside.

Our underwriting approach based on a business can generate revenue at its current pace for the duration of our loan.

In the instance that a business scales faster than their current pace, our loans are repaid in a shorter time frame, thereby generating greater returns.

When comparing our investment structure to traditional angel investing, we consider our vehicle to be low risk, moderate return.

Join Us

Our vehicle is an alternative that needs to exist for the businesses we back. Bricks-and-mortar businesses are a foothold of our economy and now finally, there’s a sustainable way to back them.

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