The Rare Combination of the RRA

Why the RRA is the first of its kind

With the Repeatable Revenue Agreement, investors buy into revenue generating businesses and receive monthly payouts until a fixed return is met. Our vehicle structures the monthly payouts as a percentage of revenue – rather than a fixed number – implying there’s also an opportunity for upside.

It’s a rare combination of:

  1. Backing a business

  2. Receiving monthly payouts

  3. Realizing upside

Generally you’re exposed to 2 of 3:

  • Real Estate? Not a business.

  • Equity? No monthly payouts.

  • Bonds? No upside.

The RRA is the first of its kind because it’s rooted in the unique nature of multi-unit brick-and-mortar. What makes it unique? We’ll unpack that next, check back soon.